Case Study: Evolet Eve Wine Shop

Evolet Eve Wine Shop is scheduled to have their
Grand Opening August 7, 8 & 9!

Evolet Eve Wine Shop
28w575 Stafford Place
Warrenville, IL 60555

With social distancing guidelines implemented, the wine shop will have an reservation only outdoor wine tasting tent and the wine shop will also be open with an active wine bar. Masks required while indoors.
Please contact Monica at for additional details.

1. The Overview

Monica Lefever recognized a need for a more relaxed way for parents to have an enjoyable shopping and wine experience. She saw that the current shopping environments were not built to accommodate parents with children. This left a large part of the consumer market without a space that catered to the needs of parents. 

2. The Context and the Challenge

The owner is a parent herself and is all too familiar with the problems and issues that can result from taking a child into a retail environment that is not set up with children in mind. When she had her daughter, it opened her eyes to just how poorly retailers had set up their shopping experience in the context of parents.

3. The Process and the Insight

While shopping one day with her daughter, the owner was left wanting for a better retail environment. She started noticing that retailers built their stores without ever giving a second thought to how kids would interact with their space.

This led to the epiphany that if the child could be given an opportunity for distraction and entertainment, parents would have an all-around easier and more peaceful social and shopping experience.

4. The Solution

She used this idea to engineer a retail space that was safe and appropriate for children and provided parents with a more relaxing place to do their shopping. The carefully crafted retail space puts merchandise out of the reach of children. There are also stimulating activities to satiate children’s need for creativity and entertainment, including chalkboards, puzzles, coloring books, and craft tables. Evolet Eve Wine Shop is implementing a simple solution to a complex problem can often be challenging but rewarding.

5. The Results

She has been enjoying all of the rewards of fixing the oversights made by most retailers. She used her idea to manufacture a cozy, safe retail spot for children, that allows parents to fulfill their social needs. Something that can often be hard to accomplish once entering into parenthood.


The result of the business she created provides her patrons with small bites to eat, fresh pints of beer, and a memorable wine experience. At the same time, it allows her to meet her own socializing needs and connect with other parents. The success provided to the business from fixing overlooked issues of typical retail spaces gives her the confidence to anticipate the growth of her business well into the future.

6. My Thoughts

Working with Monica was a breath of fresh air. I enjoy entrepreneurs that have focus on what they want to accomplish but are also open to suggestions and modifications. I feel that we have developed a great relationship that will only build in the future. Stay tuned for more exciting news from Evolet Eve Wine Shop located in Downers Grove, IL.

Stay tuned for more exciting news from Evolet Eve Wine Shop and come join me for a glass of wine to celebrate her accomplishments!